By Vivian A Elwell

Devoted to the MRCS half A examination, this booklet offers the candidate with a accomplished advisor to sitting and passing the SBAs (single top solutions) and EMQs (extended matching questions) encountered within the MRCS.

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Which one of the following is true of erythropoietin? A It is a polypeptide B Secretion is decreased at high altitude C In adults, it is mainly made in the liver D It acts via a secondary messenger E Production is decreased by local hypoxia 284. With regard to metaplasia: A It is irreversible B It is most important in the upper oesophagus C Metaplasia in the bronchus involves a change from columnar to stratified squamous epithelium D It is harmless E Barrett’s oesophagus involves a change from glandular to stratified squamous epithelium 289.

The spinal accessory nerve supplies which of the following muscles? A Buccinator B Latissimus dorsi C Trapezius D Stylopharyngeus E Palatoglossus 208. With regard to cardiac conducting tissue: A Purkinje fibres lead to contraction of the apex before the base of the heart B Sinoatrial node cells are found in both atria C Sinoatrial node cells are unable to generate impulses when completely denervated D Sinoatrial node cells are connected to the AV node by fine bundles of Purkinje tissue E The pacemaker of the heart is the region of the heart that has the slowest intrinsic firing rate 209.

Which one of the following diseases is water-borne? A Tuberculosis B Cholera C Hepatitis C D Bubonic plague E Malaria 277. With regard to the thoracic duct: A It drains into the confluence of the right internal jugular and subclavian veins B It lies anterior to the oesophagus as it passes through the diaphragm C It crosses the midline at the level of T5 D It has no valves E If it is injured, a haemothorax may result 278. With regard to the mechanics of respiration: A Compliance is defined as the change in pressure per unit volume B Compliance is synonymous with elastance C Sighing serves no physiological purpose D The lung follows the same behaviour in inflation and deflation E Emphysema results in increased lung compliance 279.

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