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Evaluating Feynman integrals

The matter of comparing Feynman integrals over loop momenta has existed from the early days of perturbative quantum box theory.
Although an exceptional number of tools for comparing Feynman integrals has been built over a span of greater than fifty years, this publication is a primary try and summarize them. comparing Feynman Integrals characterizes the main robust equipment, specifically these used for fresh, relatively subtle calculations, after which illustrates them with quite a few examples, ranging from extremely simple ones and progressing to nontrivial examples.

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In section 3 we have defined a quantum mechanical system to be an elementary relativistic free particle if it is associated with anirreducible representation of the covering group M ~ of the restricted inhomogeneous Lorentz group. A choice of relativistic observer M ~ ~IR 4 induces an isomorphism : M ® Z o-- m4®sL(2,c) so that, in order to classify the possible elementary relativistic free particles, we must determine the irreducible representations of ]R4~SL(2,C) . To do this we will apply the theorem of Mackey from the previous section.

G) (p) V [gl ,v] ~ v I commutes. g ) is unitary our assertion follows. Hilbert bundles. The considerations above suggest the following definition. A triple spaces, ~ = (X,~,Y) ~ is a Hilbert bundle if a continuous surjection of a Hilbert space structure for each X X on p ~ Y . and Y Y , and X are topological -1(p) is given is then called the total space of the bundle ~ , ~ the projection, and Y the base space. The -I Hilbert space ~ (p) is the fibre over p . A section @ of the bundle is a map @: Y ~X on the base space each such that Y ~@ = ~ with its value .

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