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Reprinted by permission from Nature, Vol. 172, No. 4387, p. 996; copyright @ 1953 Macrnillan Journals Limited. 24 INTRODUCTION AND HISTORICAL REVIEW Morris, and Rowson 1962). The program later led to the development of a multielement, radio-linked interferometer known as the MERLIN array (Thomasson 1986). Survey Interferometers and the Mills Cross In the middle 1950s the thrust of much of the work was toward cataloging larger numbers of sources with positions of sufficient accuracy to allow optical identification.

In comparison, the grating array alone provides only one to seven times the unit spacing, so the number of different spacings simultaneously contributing to the response is increased by a factor of more than 2 by the addition of two more antennas. Arrangements of this type were used to increase the angular resolution of onedimensional scans of strong sources (Picken and Swarup 1964, Thompson and Krishnan 1965). By combining a grating array with a single larger antenna it was also possible to reduce the number of grating responses on the sky (Labrum et al.

1994); Nobeyama, Japan (Morita et al. 1994); the Plateau de Bure, France (Guilloteau 1994); Mauna Kea, Hawaii (Moran 1998a); and Chajnantor, Chile (Brown 1998). Very-LongBaseline Interferometry Investigation of the angular diameters of quasars and other objects that appear nearly pointlike in structure presented an important challenge throughout the early years of radio astronomy. An advance that led to an immediate increase 34 INTRODUCTION AND HISTORICAL REVIEW of an order of magnitude in resolution, and subsequently to several orders more, was the use of independent local oscillators and signal recorders.

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