By Philip K. Dick, Lawrence Sutin

The pre-"Exegesis of Philip ok. Dick".
For those who find themselves curious, want to see replacement perspectives of PKD's "Exegesis", or those who don't desire to delve into the long "Exegesis..." itself.

Excerpts from the overdue technological know-how fiction writer's own magazine contain autobiographical fabric in addition to discussions of mystical stories, philosophical hypothesis, reviews on his fictional works, and plot outlines.

Preface: at the Exegesis Of Philip okay. Dick via Lawrence Sutin
Introduction: Wrestling with Angels: the magical Dillema of Philip K.Dick by way of Jay Kinney
A PKD Chronology
One: Direct bills of non-public Experience
Two: Theoretical Explanations
Three: On His Writing concepts and the artistic Quest jor Truth
Four: Interpretations of His personal Works
Five: Plot Outlines and Explorations for Works-in-Progress
Six: Political and Ecological Concerns
Seven: Self-Examinations
Eight: 3 final Parables
Afterword: I comprehend Philip okay. Dick by means of Terence McKenna
List Of PKD Works pointed out (With Dates Of First Publication)

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In a less enlightened time his candidacy would have been hampered by the fact that his origins were shrouded in obscurity. His mother, a lady of rather doubtful reputation, was very well known in both of the earth’s hemispheres, while a great many men had reason to think they were his father. Of course, these facts could not have any significance for an age so progressive that it was destined to be the last one. “The man who has come” was elected almost unanimously as president for life of the European United States; and when he appeared on the platform in the full glory of his youthful, superhuman beauty and power, and expounded his universal program with inspired eloquence, in an explosion of enthusiasm the captivated and charmed assembly resolved without voting [18] A Short Tale about the Antichrist to bestow upon him the supreme title of Roman emperor.

43 Selected Letters to Ekaterina Romanova . . . . . 71 Three Meetings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 101 The Concept of God ( In Defense of Spinoza’s Philosophy) . . . . . . . . . . . 113 Editor’s Note This volume contains several late works of Solovyov, representing his final speculations about matters crucial to the final destiny of humanity and the world. As Solovyov’s life was coming to an end with the end of the 19th century, his thoughts were directed at three things: the end of the world (the Antichrist), the beauty and wisdom of the world (Sophia), and the nature of God.

But they would have been even more astonished if they could have seen with what supernatural rapidity and ease he wrote, after locking himself in his study, his famous work, The Open Path to Universal Peace and Prosperity. [15] sophia, god & a short tale about the antichrist The superman’s previous books and public activity had always encountered severe critics, although for the most part these critics were deeply religious men who thus lacked all authority (this was the time of the coming of the Antichrist, after all), and therefore few people listened to them when they pointed out that everything the “man who has come” wrote and said was marked by an intense and exceptional pride and con-ceit, and by the absence of true simplicity, sincerity, and feeling.

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