By Chai-shin Yu

This can be a scholarly booklet at the first hundred years of the institutional element of the Buddhist faith. within the ebook the writer has targeting the advance of Buddhism because it utilized to the monastic neighborhood in addition to the lay humans, dispelling the concept that Buddhism used to be just a philosophical method taken with an self sufficient quest via a number of towards nirvana. even though there are various books out there facing the doctrinal elements of the faith, there are few that care for the elemental elements making it a well-liked faith, specifically the authority of the founder, the character of the groups and self-discipline inside of either monastic group and the lay. those points are additional highlighted within the end the place they're in comparison with parallel advancements, in the course of the related early interval, of Christianity. This clean process is very enlightening to the overall reader and the scholars in non secular reports.

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Buddha was ac co rd e d th e first place among the Three Jewels of the B uddhists. M. B arua has w ritten o n th e nature of this faith : The Abhidharma definition of faith assum es a p o p u la r character when it is restated in term s o f B u d d h a g h o sa ’s commentary, ‘Faith is a trusting and tak in g refuge in th e Buddha and other Jewels—the Doctrine and th e O rd er. ’4 The disciples started with a faith which w as g ro u n d e d in knowledge. One could not think of the doctrines o f th e m as te r by the independent light of reason; they had to be ta u g h t an d explained.

104. 2. M. Anesaki, Kompon Bukkyo ( Primitive Buddhism ), p. 111. The Authority o f Buddha 33 o f significance in relation to doctrinal authority, and both had come from the Sakya family. Devadatta who rebelled against Buddha and founded his own community, which suggests th at he was a person of considerable importance, was also his cousin. His son, Rahula, also had a special status as Buddha’s son, even though a story recounts that he was so disrespectful to the great disciple Sariputta and that Buddha criticized his manner.

He seemed to believe that women presented a threat to the purity of the community, and he stated that if nuns entered the samgha, the longevity of the Buddhist dharma would be reduced from a thousand years to five hundred years. M ost religious orders of that time did not admit women to a homeless way of life, because, except in the larger cities, police power had not developed to the extent that it was possible for women to lead a homeless life. 12 Buddha accepted nuns because his step-mother, his own wife, and many Sakya women wanted to be nuns.

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