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Evaluating Feynman integrals

The matter of comparing Feynman integrals over loop momenta has existed from the early days of perturbative quantum box theory.
Although an exceptional number of tools for comparing Feynman integrals has been constructed over a span of greater than fifty years, this booklet is a primary try and summarize them. comparing Feynman Integrals characterizes the main robust tools, particularly these used for fresh, fairly refined calculations, after which illustrates them with quite a few examples, ranging from extremely simple ones and progressing to nontrivial examples.

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A c + d ; Fi ! 62 these two equations get mapped one into another. The equations of motion of all other elds are left invariant. If we consider the particular SL2; R transformation where the group parameters have the values a = d = 0 and b = ,c = 1, we nd the transformation  ! ,1 ; F i ! 64  1   51 2 j  For 1 = 0 this corresponds to a strong weak coupling symmetry, where the electric i get interchanged with the magnetic ones of  F i , together with an inversion elds of F  of the string coupling constant e !

If the elds of the uncompacti ed theory depend on the compact coordinates, then extra massive states appear in the lower-dimensional theory. 12 Since the eld ^ ^x^  depends on all coordinates x^^ , in particular also on the compact coordinate x, we can perform a separation of variables and do a Fourier expansion of eld in the x-coordinate. 13 n where R is the radius of the compact dimension. The equation of motion for the 2 It turns out that only the compacti cations that preserve some amount of supersymmetry are consistent.

Under this symmetry the strong coupling regime of a theory gets mapped to the weak coupling regime of another theory and vice versa. 2: Duality relations between the various string theories in ten dimensions and M -theory in eleven dimensions: the arrows indicate dimensional reduction from D to D , 1 dimensions, the dotted lines represent an S -duality and a straight lines T -duality. Strong and weak coupling regimes therefore turn out to be di erent, but equivalent formulations of the same underlying theory.

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