By Haewon Geebi Baek

Next time you are touring or simply chattin' in Korean together with your acquaintances, drop the textbook formality and bust out with expressions they by no means train you at school, together with:
Cool slang
humorous insults
specific intercourse terms
uncooked swear words

Dirty Korean teaches the informal expressions heard on a daily basis at the streets of Korea:
What's up? Wasseo?
Holy shit, i am trashed. Ssibal, na manchiwi.
I gotta piss. Na swi ssayahae.
Who farted? Bangu nuga ggyeosseo?
Wanna try out doggy-style? Dwichigi haeboja?
That complain is loopy! Heo nyeon michin nyeoniya!
I may relatively opt for a few Korean BBQ. Na cheolpangui meokgospieo.


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To be used among men only. He’s my homey. Nae bural chinguya. 내 불알친구야. Next-door neighbor Yeopjip chingu / iut 옆집 친구/ 이웃 My next-door neighbor is like family. Nae yupjip sarameun nae iut sachoniji. 내 옆집사람은 내 이웃사촌이지. ” Friends from same town Dongnae chingu 동내 친구 Study buddy Gateun gwa chingu 같은 과 친구 This is used for university students referring to friends from the same major. School friend Hakgyo chingu 학교 친구 Housemate Dongeoin 동거인 Friendly Korean 21 My housemate farts all day long. Nae dongeoin bangu mennal kkyeo.

Party Korean 39 Let’s play till the sunrise! Hae tteul ttaekkaji nolja! 해 뜰 때까지 놀자! Cheers~ Geonbae~ 건배~ Cheers to a long and drunken night! Geonbae! Uri jugeoboja! 건배! 우리 죽어보자! Cin cin! Jjan! 짠! Cin cin to a bottomless glass! Jjan haja! 짠 하자! Let’s raise a glass. Jan deulja. 잔 들자. •••••Where Koreans get down Nolgeori 놀거리 Koreans don’t just go on bar crawls. Oh no, they’re far more determined about their drunken debauchery than that. After dinner (which itself will feature copious amounts of drinking), on a typical Korean night out, you’ll hit up a plethora of bars for a spectacular evening of drunken imbibing before moving onward to a noraebang, or karaoke house, where you’ll get even more plastered while performing slurred renditions of ’80s pop hits.

Snob Sokmul 속물 Bean paste girl (gold digger) Doenjangnyeo 된장녀 This term comes from someone who can’t distinguish shit from bean paste! A bean paste girl is typically superficial, shallow, materialistic and obsessed with brand-name goods. Some even use their parents’ or sugar daddy/mama’s money to buy stuff to make themselves look glamorous. Because they’re so blinded by brand names, they’re ill-equipped to make judgment calls on the actual quality of an item. Therefore, they would even purchase shit if they hear it’s a brand-name bean paste.

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