By Ivan Kochan (auth.), W. Arber, W. Braun, R. Haas, W. Henle, P. H. Hofschneider, N. K. Jerne, P. Koldovský, H. Koprowski, O. Maaløe, R. Rott, H. G. Schweiger, M. Sela, L. Syruček, P. K. Vogt, E. Wecker (eds.)

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Passive sensitization of guinea pigs. ]. Immunol. 106, 421-426 (1971). : TemporaI development of resistance to pulmonary tuberculosis in swiss albino mice. J. exp. Med. 133,376-388 (1971). , BURROWS, T. : The virulence-enhaneing effect of iron onnon-pigmented mutants of virulent strains of Pasteurella pestis. Brit. J. exp. Path. 37, 577-583 (1956). , MORRIS, B. : Enhancement of growth of Pasteurella pestis and other bacteria in serum by the addition of iron. Brit. J. exp. Path. 42, 363-368 (1961).

2. Speeifieity of Alloantiserum-Induced Anti-RS Antisera. . 42 42 45 55 55 58 5. 1. 2. Transplantation Tolerance 6. Perspectives 59 59 64 70 References . . 75 1. An Account of a System Evaluating Antigenic Recognition in vivo and in vitro and its Immunological Basis Almost every experiment don e in the field of immunology is in one way or another related to antigenic recognition. In this respeet, transplantation immunology is no exception. Success or failure of grafts of organs or lymphoid cells is ultimately dietated by mechanisms of antigenic recognition.

Infeet. Dis. 112,158-163 (1963). MASSON, P. , HEREMANS, J. : Laetoferrin, an iron-binding protein in neutrophilie leukoeytes. J. exp. Med. 130, 643-656 (1969). : Bakterizide und entwicklungshemmende Wirkung des Blutes auf Tuberkelbazillen. ZbI. Baet. 106,210-236 (1928). : Tubereulosis: Retrospeets and prospeets. In: Infeetious agents and host reaetions. Philadelphia-London-Toronto: W. B. Saunders Company. 1970. MORRISON, N. , ANTOINE, A. , DEWBREY, E. : Synthetic metal ehelators whieh replaee the natural growth-faetor requirements of Arthrobacter terregens.

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