By James Steel, Peter Jordan, Ethan Cochrane (Editors)

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The Lowell Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, based in 1836, helps an annual sequence of exotic lectures. Henry Drummond, the influential Scottish scientist, unfastened Church minister, explorer and evangelist released his Lowell Lectures because the Ascent of guy in 1894. This provocative ebook examines Darwinism in a Christian context.

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Contents: Foreword ix; I. Social technology in main issue 1; II. the concept that of "Culture" eleven; III. The development of yankee tradition fifty four; IV. The Social Sciences as instruments 114; V. Values and the Social Sciences one hundred eighty; VI. a few Outrageous Hypotheses 202; Index 251Originally released in 1939.

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Such traits will tend to show a strong tree-like structure, albeit one that differs from the history of other cultural or genetic traits and despite possibly extensive borrowing. g. O’Brien et al. 2001) have pointed out that cultural packages would still have a true tree-like structure to themselves that is not eroded by diffusion and cultural ‘hybridization’. If we have an independently derived tree, it becomes possible to evaluate the CI and RI for the traits on this true tree, and this should help to discern instances of borrowing.

N. 2004 Perspective: is human cultural evolution Darwinian? Evidence reviewed from the perspective of the origin of species. Evolution 58, 1–11. 1554/03-212) Moore, J. H. 1994 Putting anthropology back together again: the ethnogenetic critique of cladistic theory. Am. Anthropol. 96, 925– 948. 02a00110) Moore, C. C. & Romney, A. K. 1994 Material culture, geographic propinquity, and Linguist affiliation on the north coast of New-Guinea—a reanalysis. Am. Anthropol. 96, 370–392. 02a00050) Moore, J.

As shown in Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B (2010) figure 4a, the primary predictor of the CI was the number of societies, with increasing number of societies leading to a lower CI (Archie 1990). The rate of evolution occurs at the second level in the regression tree, with higher rates of evolution leading to a lower CI. The model explained 83 per cent of the variation in CI scores, and horizontal transmission was not included in the regression tree. Figure 4b shows the regression tree for the RI, which is thought to be less sensitive to the number of taxa.

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