By Hirschhorn, Thomas; Lee, Lisa; Foster, Hal; Hirschhorn, Thomas

For the artist Thomas Hirschhorn, writing is a vital software at each degree of his creative perform. From the 1st caricature of an idea to appeals to strength collaborators, from special documentation of tasks to post-disassembly research, Hirschhorn's writings mark the trajectories of his paintings. This quantity collects Hirschhorn's commonly scattered texts, offering many in English for the first time.

In those writings, Hirschhorn discusses the entire diversity of his paintings, from works on paper to the big Presence and Production tasks in public areas. "Statements and Letters" handle vast subject matters of aesthetic philosophy, politics, and artwork historic commitments. "Projects" examine particular artistic endeavors or exhibitions. "Interviews" seize the artist in discussion with Benjamin Buchloh, Jacques Rancière, and others. all through, sure continuities emerge: Hirschhorn's dedication to quotidian fabrics; the centrality of political and monetary considering in his paintings; and his dedication to artwork within the public sphere. Taken jointly, the texts serve to track the artist's rules and creative techniques over the last a long time. Critical Laboratory also reproduces, in colour, 33 Ausstellungen im öffentlichen Raum 1998--1989, an out-of-print catalog of Hirschhorn's earliest works in public space.

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Because now we have the notion of the “politically incorrect,” and wherever possible they’re knocking together a career out of it. What a load of shit. Thanks a million for this American invention, which in Europe is especially influential in Germany. I have my own personal defense against all this: 1. ” 2. I don’t let myself be defined (whenever possible) and don’t define myself in these terms. 3. If, nevertheless, I am defined in terms of “political correctness,” I first butter the person up.

If they say, “You’re PC,” I say, “I don’t want to be, but it seems I must be, because I’m for justice and Egalité, because I’m against repression, against the deprivation of liberty that over two-thirds of the world population 32 Statements and Letters still knows only too well. ” Second, if someone says to me, “You’re not PC,” I say, “I don’t want to be, but it seems I must be, since I like beautiful women, I’m a formalist, I’m fascinated by photos of dead human beings, I like the Chanel logo because it is the best typography, I like big cars.

I want to make a work without pretension, but without pretension doesn’t mean without ambition. I also want to make something unclean, dirty, unprotected, for I think you must not protect yourself or your work. Instead, you have to damage yourself, shoot yourself first before aiming at others; you have to be cruel, but first off with yourself. Nothing must be sublimated, nothing must be heightened, nothing selected; leave everything low so that there isn’t a high. Through low, not creating high; through low, creating the other low.

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