By Nicholas, Ph.D. Ladany, Myrna L. Friedlander, Mary Lee, Ph.D. Nelson

Severe occasions in Psychotherapy Supervision is helping supervisors comprehend the dilemmas they most often come across whilst supervising psychotherapist trainees. Such dilemmas could contain ambiguity approximately roles, misunderstandings relating to cultural historical past and gender, difficult attitudes and behaviour, ability deficits, countertransference, and sexual appeal to consumers. Resolving those problems successfully is especially very important within the supervisor-supervisee courting, simply because doing so versions confident methods of dealing with interactions with consumers.

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And you feel I may be judging you because you didn't do that? probes for Tanya's perception Tanya: (quietly) Well, maybe not "judging," but you're maybe wondering or worrying or ... Supervisor: You're right. I am "wondering," but I'm not "worrying" because I figure what we're talking about is something . . maybe something new, or this discussion has touched something in you in a new way? answers clearly, reassuring Tanya that this is a learning experience Tanya: Mm (silence). REMEDIATING SKILL DIFFICULTIES AND DEFICITS 43 At this point, the supervisor recognizes that, by remaining uncomfortably silent, Tanya is too anxious to focus on their relationship, even though she was the first to mention it.

Good! And then take it from there. supportive \further discussion about possible interventions, with the supervisor suggesting ways Tan^ia could be more active and responsive to her client] * ** Tanya: But what about her not coming in today? open to discussing the client's resistance Supervisor: Yeah. What about it? (smiZing) suggests that Tanya can figure it out Tanya: Probably she's mad, you know, that I . . recognizes the interpersonal Supervisor: Or maybe not "mad," maybe disappointed, confused, frustrated ...

Alternatively, it may be that John is communicating a felt need to focus on and improve his interpersonal, technical, and/or conceptual skills. Marker John: ... Some things that have come up for me are just, "Okay, I'm into talking with him [Ted] and listening and reflecting feelings and stuff," but again, is it enough? " in the sense that. And his view of therapy is, you know, to be able to talk with someone, and you know, maybe they'll point out certain things, like questions or something that.

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