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Une méthode excellente pour apprendre le francais Les classes avec leurs histoires sur l. a. vie francaises vous emmenent en France des annees 50 et vous apportent dans une manière facile l. a. mentalité francaise. Les textes vous guident sans problèmes dans los angeles langue et los angeles grammaire francaises. Pas seulement une mèthode de langue mais aussi une creation perfecte dans une tradition.

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Tavajtil] Does Marie study French? Do the students work? 3. , by raising the pitch of one’s voice at the end of a statement). This type of question is of course restricted to the spoken language. It is very common on an informal level. Tu aimes le français? Vous trouvez? Do you like French? Do you think so? EXERCICE 1·20 Traduisez en français. ) like hamburgers (les hamburgers)? EXERCICE 1·21 Traduisez en français les phrases suivantes en utilisant est-ce que et l’inversion (si c’est possible).

We listen to the CD. You pay for the tickets. They look at the painting. EXERCICE 1·28 Traduisez en français. 1. We look at the pictures. 2. ) listen to the radio. 3. I pay for the meal. 4. He is waiting for the bus. 5. She is looking for her (son) dog. 6. ) pay for the drinks. ), direct object pronouns are used, preceding the verb. Here are the forms of the direct object pronouns before a word beginning with a consonant and before a word beginning with a vowel sound: me/m’ (me), te/t’ (you), le/l’ (him, it), la/l’ (her, it), nous (us), vous (you), les (them).

1. ) buy? 2. What does he study? 3. What do we like? 4. Who succeeds? 5. ) love? 6. ) waiting for? 7. ) for? 8. ) talking about? C. The interrogative adjective quel The interrogative adjective quel (which, what) precedes the noun with which it agrees in gender and number. Its four forms are: masculine feminine SINGULAR PLURAL quel quelle quels quelles Quel(le)(s) is used to express what (instead of que or qu’est-ce que) when a noun (or a form of the verb être [to be] ϩ noun) follows immediately.

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