By Julia Driver

Consequentialism is the view that the rightness or wrongness of activities count exclusively on their effects. it really is essentially the most influential, and arguable, of all moral theories. during this publication, Julia motive force introduces and severely assesses consequentialism in all its forms.

After a quick old advent to the matter, driving force examines utilitarianism, and the arguments of its most renowned exponents, John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham, and explains the elemental questions underlying utilitarian conception: what price is to be certain and the way it truly is to be maximized. motive force additionally discusses oblique different types of consequentialism, the $64000 theories of rationale consequentialism and advantage consequentialism, and explains why the excellence among subjective and aim consequentialism is so important.

Including necessary gains similar to a word list, bankruptcy summaries, and annotated additional analyzing on the finish of every bankruptcy, Consequentialism is perfect for college kids looking an authoritative and obviously defined survey of this significant problem.

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31 32 value and maximization But if we opt for the second construal, and claim that there also has to be a positive hedonic tone, the attitude theorist isn’t able to bypass the issue that there just doesn’t seem to be a common hedonic tone to these experiences. The other side of the hedonistic equation is that pain is the one intrinsic bad. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean that it is never good – just that when it’s good it is only good instrumentally, as a means to some other end. Like the positive side of the equation, this claim has been roundly attacked as failing to account for harms that a person is not aware of, and that don’t involve a feeling of pain.

As our discussion of Mill’s views made clear, we do seem to have this strong perfectionist streak in our intuitions about value. The pleasure someone gets from counting blades of grass just doesn’t seem as good as the pleasure someone gets from solving a difficult math problem, climbing a mountain, or finishing a paper. This speaks to the intuition that genuine achievement or accomplishment is important to us. Further, though this is not Mill’s view, it may even be important to us independently of any pleasure considerations.

Instead, he believes he is in Paris, at the Louvre, enjoying art. On the hedonist’s view this state of affairs is just as good as the state of affairs in which Anthony really is in Paris enjoying a tour of the Louvre. But this seems strongly counterintuitive – it isn’t just pleasure that matters, but we also think that the pleasure has to be caused the right way – caused by events reflected in the experiences themselves, not by completely unrelated events. Some philosophers argue that the pleasures need to be ‘veridical’ in this way – they need to reflect reality.

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