By George Anton Kiraz

By means of the past due Nineteen Seventies, phonologists, and later morphologists, had departed from a linear technique for describing morphophonological operations to a nonlinear one. Computational types, despite the fact that, stay devoted to the linear version, making it very tough, if now not most unlikely, to enforce the morphology of languages whose morphology is nonconcatanative. This research goals at providing a computational process that counters the improvement in linguistics. It offers a close computational research of the advanced morphophonological phenomena present in Semitic languages according to linguistically encouraged types.

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8(b). After reading the ‘h,’ the automaton moves from state q0 to q1 . After reading the ‘a,’ it moves to state q2 . ,’ it moves to state q3 . ” is accepted. ,” and so on (after Gazdar and Mellish, 1989). Now consider the input string “ha” (without the exclamation mark). After reading the first ‘h’ and the ‘a,’ the machine will be in state q2 . There are no more characters in the input string; however, state q2 is not a final state. Hence, the string “ha” is rejected. The set of strings that an automaton accepts is the language accepted by that machine.

In Western grammars, and in this work, the patterns are usually numbered. Hence, one speaks of patterns 1 and 3 for the two patterns mentioned in this example. 1). Each pattern is associated to a somewhat predictable semantic unit. The templates modify the root consonants by a combination of the following processes: lengthening (or doubling) the middle consonant, inserting vowels between the consonants, and adding consonantal affixes (Holes, 1995). Consider for example the root {ktb} “notion of writing” with some of the triliteral verbal patterns in Arabic.

2 Computational Preliminaries 17 for example, consists of four states (represented by circles), labeled q0 , q1 , q2 , and q3 . By default we always assume that state q0 is the initial state. g. q3 ). The program that represents the FSA consists of a set of instructions of the form (q0 , h, q1 ), which is interpreted as follows: if the machine is currently in state q0 and the next character to scan from the input tape is ‘h,’ then move to state q1 . Graphically, such an instruction is represented by a transition, an arrow labeled ‘h’ that goes from state q0 to state q1 .

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