By David Chisnall

The Cocoa programming setting - Apple's strong set of fresh, object-oriented APIs - is more and more changing into the foundation of just about all modern Mac OS X improvement. With its lengthy background of continuing refinement and development, Cocoa has matured right into a refined programming atmosphere that could make Mac OS X program improvement fast, effective, or even enjoyable. but for all its sophisticated beauty and simplicity of use, the marvelous dimension of the Cocoa kin of APIs and the sizeable importance of the legitimate documentation may be intimidating to even professional programmers.

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2. 2 Objective-C Objective-C is a pure superset of C created by Brad Cox and Tom Love in 1986. They licensed the language to NeXT in 1988, and for a long time NeXT was the only major supplier of tools for the language. The Free Software Foundation often quotes Objective-C as a success story for the GPL. Steve Naroff wrote initial support for Objective-C in the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC ), but NeXT did not wish to distribute this code. Instead, it shipped a binary object file and required users to link it to their copy of GCC, attempting to circumvent the requirements of the GPL.

The Carbon APIs and the old Toolbox shared a large common subset. For some applications, switching from Toolbox to Carbon was a simple recompile, while for most it required a set of relatively minor changes. This process was known colloquially as carbonization. 0. Some core applications, such as the Finder, were written in Carbon. Early versions had some limitations, such as the inability to access services from Carbon. Mixing Carbon and Cocoa was also difficult, since they had different event models.

The first versions of OS X were relatively slow for large graphics updates, since all of the compositing was performed on the CPU. Later versions offloaded this to the GPU that could perform composting operations much faster. The updated version was called Quartz Extreme. 4, Apple attempted to offload even more to the GPU. Somewhat ironically, the most expensive graphical operation on OS X is rendering text. Quartz GL, formerly Quartz 2D Extreme, accelerated this by rendering each font glyph as an antialiased outline to a texture and then drawing them by compositing these together.

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