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Utilizing timelines and illustrations all through, this quantity follows the succession of rulers of Imperial Rome.These graphics of the emperors shape the development blocks of a useful and hugely readable well known background of Imperial Rome, delivered to lifestyles utilizing the colourful testimony of up to date authors. 328 illustrations, 111 in colour

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At the age of 1 8 he went to live with Tiberius on Capri. The emperor finally named Caligula his heir, boasting that, 'he was rearing a viper for the Roman people'. Macro, commander of the praetorian guard, made sure that Caligula succeeded without opposition when the old emperor died on 1 6 March 37. A promising start Caligula's accession was greeted with rejoicing by the people of Rome, including even the senate. On 1 8 March 37 they invested Caligula with sole power. Here at last was an end to the suspicion and miserliness which had characterized Tiberius's later years, a youthful emperor to revive all the hopes embodied by his father Germanicus.

Freedmen and government The story of Messalina illustrates one of the key criticisms made of Claudius, that he allowed himself to be dominated by his wives and freedmen. The most powerful officials were indeed imperial freedmen, former slaves who had risen to high office during this and previous reigns: Narcissus, the Chief Secretary; Pallas, the Financial Secretary; and Callistus, Secretary of Petitions. How far they controlled the emper- CLAUDIUS 4S zones under Roman control AD "OS _ * 4OS-SOs SOS-70s late 7OS-80s legIOnary base or it is difficult to saYi but it was convenient to blame them, or the dead Messalina, for unpopular actions which in fact originated from Claudius himself.

2 o I o 1000 ft 3iJo m Thus Tacitus credits Seja n u s with the decision to concentrate the praetorian guard in a single camp on the eastern edge of the city. This was of standard playing card shape (slightly distorted on the south-east side), with walls of brick-faced concrete enclosing a regular a rrangement of barrack blocks. It covered an area of 40 acres, a little less than a normal legionary camp, and housed the nine elite cohorts of the praetorian guard and the three ' u rban' cohorts of the city police.

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