By Rawdon Wyatt

Check Your English Vocabulary for legislation is a workbook designed to aid non-native English audio system enhance their wisdom and realizing of center criminal terminology. The workbook comprises crosswords, puzzles and notice video games to check English vocabulary and a mix of self-study workouts and useful conversing actions suggest that this publication is perfect for either domestic- and classbased study.

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Breach of the Official Secrets Act 11. breaking and entering 12. bribery 13. burglary 13. careless or reckless driving 14. committing a breach of the peace 15. conspiracy 16. contempt of court 17. criminal damage (vandalism, and sometimes also hooliganism) 18. deception or fraud in order to obtain property, services or pecuniary advantage 19. driving without a licence or insurance 20. drug dealing 21. drunk in charge / drink driving 22. embezzlement 23. espionage 24. forgery 25. grievous bodily harm 26.

Taken as a matter of fact, even though the legal status may not be certain. 16. For a short time. 17. Legal action against a person (for example, one party in a case claims that the other should do some act or pay damages). 18. By this fact, or the fact itself shows this to be true. 19. Acting in place of a parent. 20. A matter on which a judgement has been given. 21. A decision correctly made by a court, which can be used as a precedent. 22. Capable of committing a crime. 23. The duty to prove that what has been alleged in court is true.

7. He is then taken to the police station, where he is iewervinted by the iigengstatinv oerfsicf. 8. He is allowed to have a sitocirol present if he wants. 9. If he wants lagle ratprstionneee at this stage, but cannot afford it, the police must provide it. 10. If, at the end of the interview, the police believe that they have the right man, they ceragh him with the crime. 11. A stemnttae is prepared, which is signed by all parties present. 12. The ascedcu is then either redseale on bali (in other words, he is allowed to leave the police station and go home in exchange for a financial 'deposit', on condition that he promises to appear in court when required: if he doesn't appear in court, he will lose this deposit and a twrraan will be issued for his arrest), or he is rdaeedmn in cysodut and locked in a cell to prevent him from running away.

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