By Timothy Leary

Archival info, synthetic Intelligence

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Timothy Leary appeared reluctant to remark, while requested if he may live on physically loss of life, other than to country he'd unfold his thoughts round up to he could.

A reliable cyberpunk manifesto

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The Ascent of Man

The Lowell Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, based in 1836, helps an annual sequence of extraordinary lectures. Henry Drummond, the influential Scottish scientist, unfastened Church minister, explorer and evangelist released his Lowell Lectures because the Ascent of guy in 1894. This provocative e-book examines Darwinism in a Christian context.

Knowledge for What: The Place of Social Science in American Culture

Contents: Foreword ix; I. Social technological know-how in quandary 1; II. the idea that of "Culture" eleven; III. The trend of yank tradition fifty four; IV. The Social Sciences as instruments 114; V. Values and the Social Sciences one hundred eighty; VI. a few Outrageous Hypotheses 202; Index 251Originally released in 1939.

Singular and plural : ideologies of linguistic authority in 21st century Catalonia

Singular and Plural develops a framework for interpreting ideologies of linguistic authority and illuminates the institutional and interpersonal politics of language in Catalonia. Drawing on ethnographic study throughout thirty years of political autonomy, Kathryn Woolard indicates new relationships of Catalan language, id, and politics within the new millennium.

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