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S. ). Ultimately, the Tree of Life and the standing human, the individual at the centre of the Circle or Wheel, are unified. In the Male Mysteries this is the realisation and manifestation of inner balance or Kingship (see Figure 6). The Tree of Life comprises three triads or reflections of polarised male/ female energy, each having a correspondence to the human body which reflects universal patterns and energies within itself. The first triad is stellar or universal, the second is solar or planetary, while the third is lunar and of our planet Earth.

The Three Aspects of Man or God Let us consider briefly a situation in which a man seeks to realise the god-within. In other words, a male meditates, invokes, and visualises, seeking to build a bridge between his outer mask or personality, and his inner octave of universal male energy. This type of exercise has been undertaken by men for millenia, though the methods and forms vary according to religious, cultural, and environmental factors. Certain constants or archetypes permeate all systems and examples, and we may consider these before progressing to any actual visualisations or bridge-building exercises for the modem man.

Despite the imbalancing and corrupting effect of political Christianity upon human culture and inner or spiritual development, it is only fair to say that such psychological reductionism has no role in orthodox religion. The strength of any formal religion, -4- THE GODS WITHIN/WITHOUT eastern or western (Christianity is, of course, an eastern religion grafted by force of arms upon the west) lies in its insistence upon a realm of Being that transcends, underpins and encompasses all others. The weaknesses that seem inevitable to political orthodox religion develop when the original spiritual insights and impetus become warped or corrupted into rigid law or dogma and eventually lead to persecution for political ends.

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