By Ken Rigby

Dealing successfully with the matter of bullying in colleges is now known as a tremendous problem for educators of kids. profitable interventions to prevent, or perhaps lessen, bullying in faculties are tough to accomplish; although, the case for bettering the effectiveness of faculty interventions in situations of bullying is overwhelming. extra cognizance should be paid to what should be performed in addressing genuine circumstances of  Read more...

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They are generally reliant upon what they have been told by their children and the events they describe may be misunderstood or distorted. Their accounts need to be corroborated. At the same time, they can provide unique information about how a target has been affected by treatment from peers. One should be more sceptical of accounts given by par- ents of the suspected bully when they are interviewed. A natural tendency is for parents to defend their child’s behaviour, however culpable it may seem.

Suggestions are made about situations or circumstances in which each method can usefully be employed. 32 Chapter 4 T he traditional disciplinary approach The traditional way of dealing with school bullying, as with other kinds of antisocial or delinquent behaviour, has been to discipline the offenders. 1 Disciplined behaviour in children, so it is often said, requires that sanctions – not necessarily physical ones – must be applied if the more powerful child is not to take advantage of a capacity to impose upon the weaker child.

Almost certainly a punitive approach will continue to be applied in cases of bullying that are very severe and can reasonably be described as criminal, such as continual and premeditated assaults. 16 But in a large number of cases, bullying does not involve criminal behaviour, and other alternative and more effective treatments will, I believe, be increasingly considered by schools. The age of the children involved in the bullying may influence the choice of method. 17 One ­possible explanation for this is that the behaviour of younger children is more easily controlled by the use of punishment, whereas older children are 42 The traditional disciplinary approach more likely to resist what they see as authoritarian coercion.

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