By Ninian Smart

This ebook examines the kinfolk among Buddhism and Christianity within the context
of our rising international civilization. It illuminates specifically the best way Theravada
Buddhism doesn't healthy standard theories approximately faith and doesn't match
Christian (or Muslim or Jewish or Hindu) trust in God. The assumptions of the
two faiths are very diversified certainly. How then do we conceive them as concerning?

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Chih-i took this idea a nd schematised it into the Five Periods (as his doctrine was called ) of the Buddha's own life, corresponding to the great texts currently influentia l in C hina. His pristine vision of the world , expressed immedia tely a fter the Enlightenment, but too difficult for mos t people to gras p, is contained in the great sutra which expresses wh a t is known as th e Hua-yen. Thereafter he went to Sarnath where he preached 30 I Buddhism and Christianity th e Lesser Vehicle teachings to his former associa tes.

And is this not a vain enterprise in so far as their beliefs and feelings about what they are doing in delving into their own psyches is fundamentally part of their experience? The thought that I am making love with a wife on my honeymoon inevitably colours my experience: the very concepts of wife and honeymoon are culturally formed within the ambit of the civilisation within which I have been raised. I have used this example of sex partly because it both reinforces and undermines the thesis of strong contextualism.

This mandate ideology was an important ingredient in the justification of imperial rule. The synthesis achieved by Tung Chung-shu was therefore effective as a State ideology . Meanwhile Taoism was evolving in two rather diverse directions. One of these was to wards what has come to be known, by W estern scholars, as religious Taoism. This produced a fa irly ela bora te hierarchy of gods, in part mirroring China's feudal structure. I t also took up the interest in the prolongation of life, through the practice of alchemy and other a rts, which had long been a Taoist preoccupation.

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