By John Tarrant

Convey Me the Rhinoceros is an strange advisor to happiness and a can opener in your pondering. For fifteen hundred years, Zen koans were handed down via generations of masters, often in inner most encounters among instructor and scholar. This e-book deftly retells greater than a dozen conventional koans, that are partially paradoxical questions risky in your ideals and partially treasure packing containers of historical knowledge. Koans express that you simply don’t need to galvanize humans or turn out to be a more robust, extra polished model of your self. in its place you'll find happiness via unbuilding, unmaking, throwing overboard, and customarily subverting disappointment. John Tarrant brings the guts of the koan culture out into the open, reminding us that the previous knowledge continues to be as very important as ever, a deep source to be had to a person in anyplace or time.

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We too feel anguish most acutely when we break out of our habitual routines and witness ourselves hovering between birth and death—our birth and death. We discover that w e ; have been thrown, apparently without choice, into a world not of our making. However painful the exit from the mother's uterus, it is mercifully forgotten. But in achieving consciousness, we realize that the only certainty in life is that it will end. We don't like the idea; we try to forget that too. Everyone collaborates in everyone else's forgetting.

And the time of death uncertain . WHEN I t r y to turn my head around to find how close the waterfall is, I cannot. I can see only what is unfolding before my eyes. I can see the death of others but not my own. The time will come for me too, but I don't know when. Consider that while statistics assure us that we have a good chance to live to an "average"'age, probability is not certainty. There can be no guarantee that I will live until next week, let alone for many years. Who do I know of my own age who has died?

It cannot be / "solved" by meditation techniques, through the authority of 26 BUDDHISM W I T H O U T BELIEFS a text, upon submission to the will of a guru. Such strategies merely replace the question with beliefs in an answer. As this kind of question becomes clearer it becomes more puzzling too. The understanding it generates does not provide consoling facts about the nature of life. This questioning probes ever deeper into what is still Linknown. 27 D E A T H Like a dream, Whatever I enjoy Will become a memory; The past is not revisited.

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