By Lesley-Ann Giddings, David J. Newman

A dialogue of the chemical substances produced by way of organisms dwelling less than severe stipulations that could have capability as medicinal drugs or results in novel medicines for human use. This SpringerBrief bargains with bioactive fabrics from terrestrial extremophiles.

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Halodurans C-125 isolated from soil and identified genes involved in the biosynthesis of a lantibiotic (Lawton et al. 2007). Using assay-guided fractionation, haloduracin, a complex two-peptide lantibiotic composed of posttranslationally modified Halα and Halβ, was observed to have antimicrobial activity against Lactococcus lactis HP and inhibit the spore outgrowth of B. anthacis. Antibiotic activity was further confirmed by mutagenesis of the Hal genes involved in the expression of these peptides.

5) (Stierle et al. 2007). These monoterpenes possess a rare 6–7 A–B ring system containing an epoxide (berkeleyacetals B and C 74–75), methyl ester (berkeleycetals A and B 73–74), and/or ketone (berkeleyacetal C 75) functionality. The berkeleyacetal skeleton is most likely biosynthetically related to that of berkeleydione 67 via the alkylation of the polyketide intermediate 3,5-dimethylorsellinate by farnesyl pyrophosphate. Aside from berkeleydione 67, only two other molecules, paraherquonin (Okuyama et al.

The authors proposed that in order to find new antibiotics, strains belonging to new taxa should fit the following criteria: (1) have the ability to produce secondary metabolites; (2) have diversified secondary biosynthetic pathways; (3) be genetically diverse; (4) be able to obtained in large numbers; and (5) be amenable for large-scale fermentation. Criteria 1, 2, possibly 3, and 4 were demonstrated in this study, and the authors plan to expand this to other microorganisms that belong to novel actinomycete taxa.

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