By Leonardas Dambriunas, William R. Schmalstieg, Antanas Klimas

This booklet comprises forty classes, a whole grammar part, dialog sections, and so on.

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Students studijuoti (studijuoju, studijuoja) to study at a university sename (loc. 1 The Cases. There are seven declensional cases in Lithuanian: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Nominative Genitive Dative Accusative Instrumental Locative Vocative (Vardiniiikas) (Kilminiiikas) (Naudiniiikas) (Galiniiikas) (Jnagininkas) (Vietininkas) (Sauksminiiikas) who, what? * whose, of what? ko? to whom? kam? whom, what? kq? with whom, with what? kuo? where, in what? , kur? (used for addressing, calling). 1,1 THE NOMINATIVE The nominative case is the case of the subject of the sentence, or it may function as the case of the predicate in some copulative constructions.

Namui A. namq ' I. namu ' L. name v. name! -as -0 • -UI -q -u -e -e br6lis br6lio br6liui br6li br6liu br6lyje br6li! • -IS • -10 • • -IUl • -! • -Ill • -yJe • -1 arklys arklio arkliui arkli arkliu arklyje arkly! -ys • -10 • • -lUI • -! • -lU • -yJe -y N B. The stress pattern varies: sometimes it remains on the same syllable throughout singular and plural, sometimes it varies greatly. For a brief explanation, see Lesson 5; for a full and detailed explanation see Appendix, paragraph 51. 3 Second Declension of Nouns.

Is my house here? Ar cia mano niimas? Is my house here? Kur mano niimas? Where is my house? EXERCISES A. Answer the following questions: 1. Kas as esu? 2. Kas yra mano tevas? 3. Kas yra mano br6lis? 4. mas? 5. K6ks yra mano namas? 6. Kur mes e'iname? 7. Kas mes esame? , see Lesson 6. 22 II Fill in: (brother) ---------------·-------· yra studefitas. 2. , 3. Mes einame namo (in the evening) _-------· 4. Mes einame (home) ...... , 5. As (am) _____ studef1tas. I M;'uw 1• I 'mnplete: I M1•s esame student__ ___ --· 2.

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