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Recently, Harry hadn’t been sleeping well, and had begun to experience heart palpitations. It was his alarm about this that led him to contact his GP, who happened to be a golfing friend. Although medical tests had showed no physiological abnormalities to his heart, he was afraid that one of his rages would bring on a fatal heart attack. After checking that there was nothing organically wrong with his heart, the GP had suggested therapy. Harry doubted whether therapy would suit him, but was prepared to follow his friend’s advice.

He frequently stayed away from school and, for fear of going back, would feign illnesses. His mother quickly re-married ‘for the sake of the child’. Harry loathed and feared his stepfather who was, he said, a bully who was particularly unsympathetic about the boy’s bed-wetting and fear of the dark. The only other piece of childhood information Harry offered was that soon after he was born, his mother had been admitted to hospital with post-natal depression for about two months, during which time Harry had been looked after by a live-in nanny.

Untroubled by any doubts about the correctness of his own behaviour, David had embarked on a series of shortterm liaisons with other women. He had believed that Emma’s jealousy would be aroused and she would return to him; when she did, no longer be distracted by anger, he would be able to complete his degree successfully. It became clear that his strategy was not working, and he tried to get advice from Mr D about other ways to get Emma back. He was unable to study because his mind was full of rage towards Emma.

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