By S. Nilsson, A. Käärik, M. J. Keller, M. E. Kiffer, J. Perreau, M. O. Reisinger

The current atlas is addressed typically to those that, departing from diverse spheres of curiosity, are learning the dispersal of fungus spores within the air, like aero biologists, plant pathologists, scientific mycologists, allergologists, or these drawn to spore morphology as a taxonomic instrument. The gradually expanding curiosity in pollution difficulties has additionally stimulat­ ed investigations within the microbiological fraction of air pollution. over the past a long time the research of microbial existence within the surroundings has constructed to a different department of organic sciences - aerobiology of which the 1st experiences are from the top of the final century. along with pollen grains and spores of upper crops and micro organism, fungal diaspores give a contribution a relentless and sub­ stantial a part of the airborne microorganisms. tools for learning airborne spores are defined and severely mentioned through e. g. Dimmick and Akers (1969), Ingold (1971) and Gregory (1973). the particular content material of fungus spores within the air is due to the advanced strategies, all of that are influ­ enced via exterior components in several methods. The impression of the several meteorological components on spore formation, liberation, delivery and deposi­ tion is largely mentioned by means of Ingold and Gregory. There are massive problems in choosing indifferent fungus spores visually. The taxonomy of the fungi is usually according to the ontogeny of the spores which can't be via exam of unmarried spores within the air. The conidial improvement in Deuteromycotina and constitution of conidiopho­ res are excellently defined and illustrated through Cole and Samson (1979).

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LM x 2000 A spherical basidiospore in sublateral view, showing a short hilar appendix and a puncticulate wall. SEM x 8500 49 26 Boletus edulis Bulliard ex Fries Eumycota . Basidiomycotina . Hymenomycetes . Agaricales . Boletaceae Two basidiospores seen in adaxial-abaxial profile. LM x 2000 Basidiospores in lateral view showing the proximal rounded little hilar appendix and a puncticulate wall. SEM x 6000 50 27 Suillus grevillei (Klotzsch) Singer Eumycota . Basidiomycotina . Hymenomycetes . Agaricales .

Myxomycota . Trichiales . Trichiaceae A subspherical, encysted spore in equatorial view. LM x 2000 A globose, densely warty encysted spore; some tuberculose processes are scattered among numerous subhemispherical warts. ) G. Lister Myxomycota . Trichiales . Trichiaceae A broadly elliptic encysted spore. LM x 2000 A spherical encysted spore with very irregular scabrous processes. SEM x 8000 Detail of spore surface showing irregularly nodulose tubercles. SEM x 24,000 26 4 Trichia scabra Rostrup Myxomycota .

Eumycota . Ascomycotina . Plectascales . Elaphomycetaceae Three ascospores in low focus. Spores very dark brown, opaque, covered with irregular flattened warts. LM x 1000 Detail of the ascospore wall structure. Exosporium with a dense irregularly verrucoid ornamentation. SEM x 7500 35 13 Chaetomium globosum Kunze ex Fr. Eumycota . Ascomycotina . Sphaeriales . Melanosporaceae An ascospore, apiculate on both ends, dark olive-brown, with smooth wall. LM x 1000 • A lemon shaped ascospore showing a fairly smooth exosporium, with a few irregular flattened warts.

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