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With Async javascript, youll improve a deeper figuring out of the javascript language. Youll commence with a ground-up primer at the javascript occasion version - key to keeping off a number of the most typical blunders javascripters make. From there youll see instruments and layout styles for turning that conceptual figuring out into sensible code.
The suggestions within the booklet are illustrated with runnable examples drawn from either the browser and the Node.js server framework, incorporating complementary libraries together with jQuery, Backbone.js, and Async.js.

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Worse, if events are emitted from event handlers, they can easily create an infinite cycle. trigger('click'); }); // stack overflow! Think back to the word processor example at the start of this chapter. When a user presses a key, many things need to happen, and several of them require complex calculations. Doing them all before returning to the event queue would be a recipe for an unresponsive app. A good solution to this problem is to maintain a queue of things that don’t need to happen right away and use a timed function to run the next task in the queue periodically.

We’ll see plenty of examples in later chapters of async events running in sequence without nested handlers. 6 What We’ve Learned In this chapter, we’ve seen how JavaScript’s single-threadedness is both a blessing and a curse. In the right hands, it makes for beautiful code free of the terrifying race conditions that plague multithreaded apps. But you need to develop the right mind-set—and the right techniques. The rest of this book is concerned with libraries and design patterns for working with events in JavaScript.

Models can’t emit a change event during one of its own change events. The second safeguard presents gotchas of its own. Suppose a change is made to a model that results in a second change to the same model. Because the second change is “nested” in the first one, it’ll occur silently. Observers won’t have a chance to respond to it. Clearly, maintaining two-way data bindings in Backbone is a challenge. js, takes a different approach: two-way bindings are declared explicitly. When one value changes, the other is updated asynchronously from a timeout event.

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