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He attributed the remaining noise in his instrument to thermal motion of the aluminum atoms. This noise limited Weber’s measurements to strains of h∼10−16 , about five orders of magnitude less sensitive than the level now believed necessary to make the probability of detection non-negligible. Nonetheless, by 1969, Weber had constructed two bars and had observed coincident events in them although they were housed approximately 1000 miles apart. He calculated that his noise would create some of these events at rates as low as one per thousand years, and subsequently published his findings as “good evidence” for gravitational waves [44].

1997) first argued that the relativistic jets and extraordinary X–ray behavior of GRS 1915 are due to the high spin of its black hole primary. 9. Subsequently, Gierlin´ski et al. (2001) estimated the spin of GRO J1655–40 and LMC X–3. Recently, our group has 20 Jeffrey E. McClintock firmly established the methodology pioneered by Zhang et al. and Gierlin´ski et al. by constructing relativistic accretion disk models (Li et al. 2005; Davis et al. 2005) and by modeling in detail the effects of spectral hardening (Davis et al.

2. For additional details and references, see RM06 and MR06. 1) is of particular interest. A feature of this state is that the X–ray spectrum is dominated by a soft blackbody-like component that is emitted by (relatively) cool optically-thick gas, presumed to be located in the accretion disk. A minor nonthermal (power-law) component in the spectrum, possibly from a hot optically thin corona, is energetically unimportant. The thermal state is believed to match very closely the classic thin accretion disk model of Shakura & Sunyaev (1973) and Novikov & Thorne (1973).

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