By Isaac Asimov

In Asimov's advisor to the Bible, Isaac Asimov explores the historic, geographical, and biographical points of the occasions defined within the outdated and New Testaments. Asimov's makes an attempt to light up the Bible's many imprecise, mysterious passages end up soaking up analyzing for somebody attracted to faith and background.

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That king has become Sargon of Agade to us. , he defeated Lugal-Zaggisi and founded an Akkadian Empire. C. it was at its height. - -- - . ,'- ' . - ... , however, soon after Naram-Sin's death, barbarians from the eastern mountains invaded and conquered the Tigris-Euphrates region and brought the Akkadian Empire to an end. , experienced a last period of power. After that, the remaining city mentioned in Genesis 10:10 comes in. The town of Babel was located on the ~ u ~ h r a t eRiver s about 9 miles downstream from Agade.

It is a mistake, though, to suppose that the writers of Genesis were influenced by language. Rather, the Biblical writers were guid4"by political connections and by geographic propinquity. Such connections often did bespeak racial relatedness so that terms such as Semitic and Hamitic did turn out to make much sense, linguistically, but this was not true in every casei A prime example is the case of Canaan. The people inhabiting the land (Canaanites) at the time the ~ebrewsmoved in spoke a Semitic language and had a culture related to that of the Tigris-Euphrates region.

It appeal that he was king of a Sumerian city at the time of the Flood and rode it out in a large ship. Gilgamesh obtained the secret of eternal life from him, nearly obtained the necessary conditions, and through misadventure lost ifc The details of this Sumerian flood story are very similar in a number of points to the story in the Bible. It seems quite likely that the Biblical story of the Flood is a version of this much earlier tale. In the Biblical story, Noah's ark floats on the floodwaters for months.

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