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Audio fabric to accompany the ebook is offered on the following site: pupil, enterprise path in spoken and written Arabic geared toward people with no previous wisdom of the language.Suitable for enterprise pros and scholars desirous to speak at once with humans and associations within the Arab global, Arabic this present day is a self-contained direction in modern Arabic. institution has a tendency to pay attention both at the written language (never utilized in daily speech) or on a specific nearby dialect (which is rarely written down). Arabic this day breaks with this practice, capitalising at the rising type of spoken Pan-Arabic. This supraregional type of expert speech is drawn from the main influential parts, in addition to the fashionable written be aware. So even if you want to converse the language or upload writing talents to boot, this direction publication and accompanying audio web site are the correct instruments for self-tuition and school room use. the second one version of this ebook has been completely revised and up-to-date to make it proper to a brand new iteration of readers. Grammar is defined extra in actual fact and accurately, the interpreting fabric has been up to date and the typography is clearer. New be aware indexes provide meanings and reference for the vocabulary and including the grammar index they give a useful extra reference function.

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This is/These are good. (of things) hādhoul tayyibīn. These are good. (of people) If the noun is unknown, the masculine is used: shū hādha? What is this? ’ we restate with a pronoun. This is optional if the noun does not carry an article, but obligatory when it does: hādha (huwa) kitāb/kitābī. This is a book/my book. but: hādha huwa l-kitāb. This is the book. since hādha l-kitāb ... ’, and is not a full sentence. 5. e. e. any earlier noun in the construct), it must follow the whole construct; this road to town tarīq al-balad hādha/hādhi raqm as-sayyāra hādha this car number Demonstrative rule: A demonstrative is the only word which may interrupt a construct.

Kayf al-hāl yā Peter? Peter: lutfīya: mabsūt jiddan, ’alla yisallimik yā lutfīya. u ’inti? kull shī tamām u ’int mougūd. u kayf Mary? tsallim 9alaykum hafaz yihfaz ’alla yihfazha sallim 9alayha Peter: lutfīya: hiya kwayyisa, shukran. u tsallim 9alaykum. ’alla yihfazha. sallim 9alayha. tis9at ’ashhur bi9na bayt ’igīna al-bayt da ash-shām hina min sha’n Peter: kam waqt sār lakum fī 9ammān? lutfīya: tis9at ’ashhur bas. ) She’s here. Lutfiya, come and see who it is. ) Good Heavens, Peter!

42 ARABIC TODAY 2. 9ibārāt kayf al-hāl? How are you? ) It is invariable for gender and number. Note also an even less formal variant kayfak/kayfik/kayfkum? which should be used only with close friends. ’akhadh fikra 9an to get an idea of. bi sūra 9āmma in general. mabsūt/mabsūta/mabsūtīn bi ma9riftak/ma9riftik/ma9rifitkum. Pleased to meet you. fursa sa9īda (‘a happy occasion’) Pleased to meet you. 9imil jawla fī to make a tour of 3. mufradāt ’idāfīya al-’idāra l-9āmma wa l-khāssa – Public and private administration ’idāra administration qitā9 sector al-qitā9 l-9āmm public sector barlamān parliament watan home country watanī national dawla state duwalī international siyāsa policy, politics siyāsī political mas’ūl official, person in charge mashghūl busy rasmī official (adjective) khāss special, private al- qitā9 al-khāss private sector mudīr 9āmm general manager ’intāj production lajna committee shu’ūn al-muwazzafīn personnel (matters) zamīl colleague bahth discussion ijtimā9 meeting mīzānīya budget nuskha copy milaff file barīd mail waraqa paper ’āla kātiba, mākina typewriter kambyutir computer faks fax barīd ’iliktrounī, ’ī́mayl e-mail an-nahū 4.

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