By Michael D. Picone

This finished learn of Anglicisms within the context of sped up neological task in modern Metropolitan French not just presents targeted documentation and outline of a desirable subject, yet opens up new vistas on problems with basic linguistic curiosity: the consequences of expertise on language, the analyticity-syntheticity controversy, the lexical contribution to language energy, the learn of compound observe formation, the interaction among cultural and linguistic affectivity. by means of investigating the dynamics of borrowing in the better framework of common neological productiveness and through bringing to endure cognitive and pragmatic concerns, a much-needed clean method of the whole query of Anglicisms takes form. All pertinent phenomena concerning Anglicisms in French — an issue which maintains to command the eye of language commentators and defenders in France and in different places — are explored: critical borrowings, semantic calques, structural calques, the new release of pseudo-Anglicisms and hybrids, graphological and phonological phenomena. In every one case, the phenomenon is investigated within the right context of its interplay with different pertinent neological, phonological and sociocultural advancements. those comprise basic alterations in French compound be aware formation, converted derivational dynamics, the microsystem of pseudo-Classical morphology, ancient phonological instabilities, the strain for extra man made forms of lexical creation when it comes to the desires of expertise and society. instead of adhering rigidly to any unmarried theoretical version, there's an try and organize a conversation among differing versions for you to arrive at a multidimensional view of the phenomena investigated.

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Being found partially dispossessed of synthetic devices, French has always tended to borrow, especially from Classical Latin and Greek. 7 and Chapter 4). Historically these resources have served the religious, the scholarly, and the scientific communities. Today the list can be expanded to include techni­ cal, commercial and advertising concerns. In a technical, consumerist age where the scientific is increasingly a part of the average French person's daily experience, these same lexical resources are being heavily exploited by the mass media and by popular culture in general.

Some establishments use graphologically altered integral borrowings: Blue 5 Attestation courtesy of John Humbley. JUXTAPOSITIONAL NEOLOGY 45 Bell, les Thés Blue Bird, Blue Jean's. A prominent pseudo-Anglicism ap­ pears on every pack of a popular brand of French cigarettes, manufactured by Gauloises, bearing the name Blue Way (the component way figures in many pseudo-Anglicisms and is interpretable to most French speakers be­ cause of familiarity with the frequently seen locution American way of life).

2, in­ cludes an attestation of greenhorn (1899), and Vols. 6 and 13 include attesta­ tions, respectively, of white-whale (1852) and white-boy (1792). In the fol­ lowing list, along side of the many pseudo-Anglicisms and hybrids, some integral nonce borrowings appear in the creation of names for advertising purposes. On occasion it was possible to ask proprietors about their motives for the names chosen. It is interesting to retain excerpts from the responses given. While in some cases there was a clear intention to put on AngloAmerican airs, in a surprising number of cases, a particular set of personal circumstances led to the choice.

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