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iPad Application Development For Dummies

IPad app improvement is sizzling, with greater than 140,000 apps to be had particularly for the machine and that quantity turning out to be each day. The creation of iOS five and iCloud offers builders much more suggestions to create fantastic iPad apps. This speedy and pleasant consultant to iPad app improvement is totally up to date for the newest improvements and covers every little thing you must comprehend, beginning with tips on how to obtain the SDK and turn into an Apple developer the entire solution to completing your app and filing it to the App shop.

Android User Interface Development: Beginners Guide

"Quickly layout and increase compelling person interfaces on your Android functions Leverage the Android systems flexibility and tool to layout impactful user-interfaces construct compelling, basic functions that would glance nice on any Android gadget Make your program stand proud of the remainder with types and issues a realistic newcomers consultant to take you step by step in the course of the technique of constructing consumer interfaces to get your purposes spotted!

The iPad 2 Project Book

Utilizing your iPad isn't really a passive job. With its lovely touchscreen, back and front cameras, and sweeping selection of apps, the iPad 2 is ideal for doing stuff--for development, growing, and organizing. are looking to plan an occasion? deal with your mail and calendars? catch and edit a video? Even construct a wiki?

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Step-By-Step Instructions First, you need to have completed the previous tutorial. If you are beginning the tutorials here, or if you wish to not use your existing work, you can download a ZIP file with all of the tutorial results, and you can copy the 03-FancierForm edition of LunchList to use as a starting point. Step #1: Hold a List of Restaurants First, if we are going to have a list of restaurants in the UI, we need a list of restaurants as our model. ArrayList as well. Step #2: Save Adds to List Note that the above code will not compile, because our onSave Button click handler is still set up to reference the old single restaurant model.

Extra Credit Here are some things you can try beyond those step-by-step instructions: • If you have an Android device, try installing the app on the device and running it there. The easiest way to do this is to shut down your emulator, plug in your device, and run ant reinstall. • Set one of the three radio buttons to be selected by default, using android:checked = "true". • Try creating the RadioButton widgets in Java code, instead of in the layout. , supply them with text to display), then add them to the RadioGroup via addView().

The first edition of LunchList Use the directional pad (D-pad) to navigate between the fields and button. Enter some text in the fields and click the button, to see how those widgets behave. Then, click the BACK button to return to the application launcher. 15 A Simple Form Step #6: Create a Model Class Now, we want to add a class to the project that will hold onto individual restaurants that will appear in the LunchList. Right now, we can only really work with one restaurant, but that will change in a future tutorial.

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