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The consonant gh [g] Examples: ghitaar [gi'ta:r] 'guitar' (also spelt and pronounced kitaar), ghoeroe [guru] 'guru', gholf\ golf] 'golf, ghries fgrisj 'grease'. In some loanwords that enjoy official recognition, [g] is written gh to distinguish it from [xj. 8. g. Djakarta, djihad 'holy war' (Arabicy't/iarf). e. g. tydjie [toici] 'a little while'. jokkie [joci]. 9. The consonant ps [ps] or [s] Examples: psigies [psixis] or [sixis] 'psychic', but only psalm [pasabm]. Words of Greek origin beginning withps are usually pronounced fps] but some speakers simplify the cluster to [s], which is considered standard Afrikaans.

3. e. g. amnestie (also amnestie), anargie, burokrasie, demokrasie, ekonomie, energie, ensiklopedie, geologic, kompromie, masßnerie, simpatie, Strategie. 1). Note: histerektomie fits into neither group and is stressed as in English. 4. g. adventis(te), alkoholis(te), individualistic), joernalis(te), motoris(te), rassis(te). g. indiuidualisme, joemalisme, rassisme. g. kommunisties, rassisties. 5. Agent nouns ending in -ikus There are many nouns denoting agents derived from the Latin ending -ikus in the singular, but -ici (pronounced [isi]) in the plural.

This sound might also be transcribed as [03J if one chose to see the second element as a glide. In addition to applying this breaking or off-glide, there is a slight tendency ω The only exception to this is in the Boland where ee and oo are not broken but raised to [i:] and [u:j respectively. 2 for the raising of the vowel in ek, which is also typical of the Boland. De Villiers (1987: 94) comments that this so-called Bolandse verhoging is no longer as widespread in the Western Cape as it was, as a result of large scale urbanisation, and that it has become stigmatised.

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