By Michael Lovano

Julius Caesar's existence and instance have interested and influenced generations of individuals for almost 2,000 years. This publication explores the folks, locations, occasions, and associations that helped outline arguably the main well-known person within the background of Rome.

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Already fending off the refugees, who appealed to Caesar and his men for help and asylum, the Romans soon faced the supremely confident, massive relieving army of Gallic infantry, cavalry, and archers under the command of four powerful chiefs; Caesar, again certainly exaggerating the figures, gives their number at close to 250,000 Gauls. They encamped on a hill southwest of Alesia about a mile outside the Roman defenses and then spread out over the plain between themselves and the Roman position.

That was all the time the messengers had to bring back help. After their departure, Vercingetorix collected all the livestock, grain, and other sources of food and brought all his men into the citadel of Alesia itself, whose population now lived under a sort of martial law. A long wait began. In the meantime, Caesar had discovered what was afoot through captured Gallic warriors and deserters from Alesia; he realized that he then had to worry about Gallic forces inside Alesia trying to break out and those who would try to rescue their comrades from outside.

The Senate and People of Rome recognize Caesar as dictator for a second time, granting him powers for one year. Agents of the Egyptian king, Ptolemy XIII, murder Pompey on September 28, not long after his arrival. Caesar, having pursued Pompey, arrives in Alexandria on October 2, where he is presented with the severed head of Pompey as a token of allegiance from Ptolemy XIII. Caesar begins to involve himself in the Civil War between the king and his sister, Cleopatra VII, turning it into what we know as the Alexandrian War.

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