By Kenneth Pye, N. Lancaster

Reports of aeolian sediments, either old and smooth, have exhibited a couple of vital conceptual advances lately. specifically, there was a movement clear of descriptions of sediments, bedforms and sedimentary environments towards a brand new emphasis at the dynamics of aeolian depositional platforms at varied temporal and spatial scales, and their reaction to exterior adjustments in sea degrees, local and worldwide climates and tectonics. This distinct booklet encompasses a collection of papers that have been provided on the Symposium "Aeolian Sediments: historical and glossy" held in 1990. it is usually a few contributions from authors who weren't capable of attend the assembly, yet whose paintings displays very important points of up to date study in aeolian sedimentology.State-of-the-art learn papers in aeolian sedimentologyInternational, professional authorshipOf relevance to trendy matters approximately international weather changeIf you're a member of the overseas organization of Sedimentologists, for buying info, please see:

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Aeoliall dynamics oj (j reversillg II'fIllSvef'se Ihe steepest slope where maximum compression occurs, However, airflow response appea rs to be very sensitive to changes in gradient, and surface shear stress is affected by su rf�lce i rregularities. T. dUJle 21 Research , University Sayers. Depnrlmenl. gincering, Univcrsity of of Port Elizabeth. ldily supplied the technical cxpenise to get the anemometer sys te ms arc up and running. for which we 1110st gratefu l . 1 co nd it i ons for what appeared stress (li the surface, The two data sets rcve::11 t'h�lI tot a l ly di ffe rent erosional response supe rficially to be the S(lmc dune surfncc on two se pa rate The occHsions.

AIISI, Geog. 1 7 , 133- 1 43. It. S. ( 1 95�) oastal sand duncs of Oregon ane! WaSh i ngton . Geol. Soc. Am. Mem. Nr�Y. R . J , ( 1 98� ) I iscussion : hisIOI'), or coastell duncs <11 Tl'illnglc l i ff, Fraser Isl,l n d , QlIccllslillld. Arw. 1. £(11'111 Sci. 35, 579-583. /3,,1/. I)RMW. J. O"vu:s, J . L . :oastal sediment comp:U'tlllelll. A ( lst. OeoS. Stud. 1 2 . 139- 1 5 1 . I•• E . ( 1 974) I'�eccnt sedimentation i l l the Princcss Chnrlolle Oay nrell, Great I3nrricr Reef Provi nce, Proc. 2nd III(, Coral Reef Symp.

Ltlsgressive Most of the ve ry large dUlle sys te m s 011 the coast occur where the no rtherl y drift o f nea l'shore SJlld has been i m ped ed by a prominent bedrock hc adl n nd . I c l osed ; scd il1i c n l co m pa rt m c lll' (cf. Dn v i es , 1 974) 01' ' rece pt i ve shore' (or. Cooper , 1958). n t h e leeward side of such hcadlHnds, the sed i me n t s arc freq uently poo rl y sorted; IllU(lnats, IYS2b). Q ueens l a nd semel islHnd s . which consist of a s Hlckcd series of pal'li ally drow n ed (Laycock, clearly du nes 1978).

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