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Global Threats, Global Futures

`Neither Pollyanna nor Prophet of Doom, Professor Scudder has drawn on his fifty five years of overseas adventure and awarded a transparent, demanding hitting, terribly good documented research of the severe and pressing international demanding situations that face humankind and of the changes that might be required to fulfill these demanding situations.

Poverty reduction and the World Bank: progress in fiscal 1998, Page 879

Poverty aid is now extra firmly on the middle of the Bank's kingdom information suggestions, with elevated efforts to enhance the standard of poverty checks, more suitable tracking and review of poverty results, and the combination of quantitative with participatory tools. This annual e-book stories on global financial institution actions in financial yr 1998, which endured to be geared toward fostering labor-based progress whereas making an investment within the improvement of human capital and supplying safeguard nets.

Development Cooperation: Challenges of the New Aid Architecture

The goals of and reasons for improvement cooperation have replaced considerably lately. along with pursuing brief- and longer-term targets of their personal financial, international coverage and different pursuits, donors often have a recognisable and actual curiosity in helping international locations of their methods of improvement.

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For what purpose? What are the interpretations produced by those who make use of them? g. ) IAREAS OF DEBATE IN SOCIOLOGY Is sociology inevitably ideological? Examine the view that sociology should be value free. (Ox) (AEB) Arguments for the view that it is not inevitably ideological and can be value free. Arguments for the view that it is inevitably ideological and that it cannot be value free. 1. Positivism is based on the principles of scientific objectivity. 2. To be objective means to study some social feature without allowing one's own values, moral beliefs or ideological preferences to influence the work in any way.

B. 8. Questionnaires a. b. 9. Statistical studies: a. Contemporary b. Demographic Historical 10 Community Research ~ 1 A researcher wishes to obtain data from ascattered population. A researcher wishes to obtain detailed answers to acomplex questionnaire; respondents can give elaborate answers. g. classroom observation. Questionnaires are sent by post. The Census. Face-to-face interview. NB: these may be used in addition to observation ate. Willmott and Young (Family and Kinship In East London).

To achieve these ends the plan was: (a) universal, covering every citizen regardless of size of income (b) equal benefit to all for equal contribution (c) those whose needs were not met through the social insurance scheme would be able to claim extra benefit if they could prove need. He assumed that such a group would gradually diminish. By these means he hoped that his plan would eliminate poverty, help in the redistribution of income and increase social equality. There were some studies in the early 1950s (notably Rowntree) which suggested that this may have been the case, but later work in the 1960s and subsequently into the 1970s and 80s (especially Townsend) has seriously questioned this view.

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