By Charles McGaw, Kenneth L. Stilson, Larry D. Clark

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To illustrate the current point, we need only recall the chief facts of the situation. Romeo and Juliet are the son and daughter of two powerful and wealthy families who have long been bitter enemies. Having met by chance, they have fallen deeply in love and have married secretly. Within an hour after their marriage, Romeo, involved in an outbreak of the ancient hostility, has killed Juliet’s cousin and has been banished from his native city of Verona. There seems to be no hope of happiness together as the young couple say farewell in the dawning light.

For the actor, the camera is a safety net. The medium protects 22 Part I The Actor them from errors, and the finished product is frozen in time. Even such shows as Saturday Night Live are simply taped live before a studio audience, but the broadcast occurs later that evening. No films and virtually no character-driven television programs today are shot live. Many early TV shows were presented in front of both the studio and televised audiences simultaneously. Today, however, outside of newscasts and some sporting events, almost everything is frozen in celluloid or by digital means.

Fill the negative space without Chapter 2 Approaching the Creative State 33 touching. Move slowly and smoothly. Think creatively using your whole body. As you do this, consider the following suggestions with regard to your shapes. ✦ circular ✦ angular ✦ spacious ✦ twisted ✦ complex ✦ arched Now consider the following images, and design your shapes/reshapes accordingly. ✦ a gentle breeze ✦ lightning ✦ falling leaves ✦ an erupting volcano ✦ melting ice ✦ rain ✦ mud ✦ a river ✦ an ice storm D. Walking with Purpose (Justifying Your Actions) Everyone in the class begins walking again.

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