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Similar problems in English are exemplified by such expressions as "the highest scoring team", "sharp bladed", "three hundred and first", "your nearest store". In Hankul texts prepared under my supervision, such as the examples in KEd, we have been liberal in word division. For types 1 through 16 above, either space or hyphen is used (hyphen for some of the very frequent or very short combinations of types 7 through 16); for types 17 through 21 a dot is inserted to set a particle off from the preceding word to which it is attached; and only examples of type 22 are regularly spelled with no internal punctuation.

For more examples of vowel length, see KM 8-9. When a one-syllable phrase ends in a vowel, that vowel is automatically lengthened, so that when I cited in isolation the words si 'poem' and si 'city' are identically /sii/. The automatic lengthening disappears when the word is part of a longer phrase: si to 'poem too', si to 'city too'. This kind of lengthening is ignored by all the orthographies and most of the linguistic descriptions. ) He Wung (1965:89) points out some length alternations in verb forms.

Precision variants. e 'can't eat'; chinkwu - chingkwu 'friend', pankawe - pangkawe 'is happy', sonq-kalak - song-kkalak 'finger'. In faster speech, m is replaced by ng before k: camqkan - cangkkan 'a while', nemkye - nengkye 'across, over', imkum - ingkum 'king', cikum kkaci - cikung kkaci 'up to now'. Sometimes, in fast or sloppy speech, pk(k) is replaced by kk: komapkeyss. nita - komakkeyssumnita 'I will be grateful (to you)', poypkeyss. nita poykkeyssumnita 'I will see you'. yang; ... Sometimes a final ···ng is dropped: the hapsung Gitney) boys in 1960 Seoul would call out siche!

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