By Kurt Hollocher

This publication is an illustrative creation to metamorphic rocks as obvious within the box, designed for complex highschool to graduate-level earth technology and geology scholars to jump-start their observational abilities. as well as photos of rocks within the box, there are various line diagrams and examples of metamorphic gains proven in skinny part. the skinny part photographs are all at a scale and in a context that may be on the topic of perspectives noticeable within the box via a hand lens.

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Though rare, these rocks can help form useful marker horizons. Jaffrey, New Hampshire, USA. 11. Garnets in the enclosing schist are 3-6 mm in diameter, but are much smaller and more abundant in the coticule. Jaffrey, New Hampshire, USA. 13 Even where they are not dominating the landscape, quartzite layer sequences can help define structures in otherwise monotonous rocks. In the image center are several white ­quartzite layers, originally turbidite deposits, within coarse, gray pelitic schist. This concentration of ­laterally continuous quartzite layers helped define isoclinal folds and other structures during mapping ­ (Thompson, 1988).

Most of the cordierite has been retrograded to an intergrowth of chlorite and muscovite (red arrows), but some is still fresh (black arrow). Wales, Massachusetts, USA. 15 Although the protolith for this rock was probably somewhat more feldspathic than a typical shale, this gneiss is sufficiently aluminous to have abundant garnet and minor amounts of sillimanite. During high-grade metamorphism the rock partially melted, producing coarse, white pegmatite. Later deformation disrupted the pegmatite and formed the horizontal gneissic layering.

The large fold hinge has dark amphibolite and calc-silicate rock on the inside, with a white granitic gneiss layer on the outside. Because of the enormous amount of strain that highly ductile marbles can experience, silicate rocks within them can become greatly thinned, to the extent that the thicker fold hinges become detached from their limbs. With isolated fold hinges, stretched and fragmented fold limbs, boudinaged calc-silicate layers, and fragments broken off the contacts, marbles can become, in effect, tectonic breccias containing a wide range of rock types.

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