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7. her hair... thirty: Poss. Constanze Weber, Mozart's wife (a younger sister of his real love), whom he married Aug. 16,1782 when he was 26 years old. M. died Dec. " 8. " 9. , 1876-1934, a Russian dancer and teacher. She was a member of the corps de ballet of the Maryinsky Theatre (1895-1905) and of the Diaghilev Company (1909-1911). She opened a ballet school in London. 10. Wigmore: Wigmore Gallery, Marylebone, London. 11. wd / ... cart: [78: 137]. W. C. W. would have 424 12. G. Scott: A trainee at the DTC.

5. war ... come to an end: The bankers and munitions makers who promote and maintain wars in order to sell guns and ammunition. A recurrent theme early and late in the poem. 6. del Cossa: [77: 156]. 7. ter flebiliter: llyn: L, "thrice mournfully: Itys" [4:8,9]. 8. Janus: The god who was guardian of the gate, usually represented as having two faces, looking both before and behind. The closing of the Janus geminus ("twin") in the Roman forum signified peace. 9. " The "Janus bifronte," because of its sound, may suggest Ciano, Mussolini's son-in-law, because Janus in Italian is Giano and the phrase is quite common for "traitor" [Anderson, Pai, 6-2, 244].

Terras: [77:161]. 35. and ... Latium: These 4 lines are quoted from the Aeneid, translated by the Scottish Bishop Gawin Douglas. In 1917 Pound quoted from the same passage about the trials of Aeneas: "Grete payne in bat- telles, suffered he also / On he his gaddis, brocht in Latio / And belt the ciete, fra quham of nobil fame / The Latyne peopil, taken has thare name" [LE,245]. 36. bricabrac: Pound said: "Literature that tries to avoid the consideration of causes remains silly bric-a-brac" [SF, 272].

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